Fjellvaer Guest House is an excellent starting point for experiencing and enjoying nature.

Experience many exciting hiking trails in the area, with the opportunity of both guided tours or to explore the island alone.

From Fjellvaer Guesthouse we go north to Strupen. Here we turn left and follow the old churchroad a short distance before we start to climb the mountain. On top of the mountain, you can turn up to 360 degrees and get an amazing view of sea and moors and other peaks.

Church Road runs between Fjellvaer and Nordbotten and was built after the church on Nordbotten was completed in 1900, to avoid having to be dependent on the sea route when going to church.

By Church Road between Fjellvaer and Nordbotn is the cave Bussekaillstua. It is not easy to find for someone who has never been there, and we can imagine that those who used the cave in the Middle Ages were very happy about that. These were outlawed people, called Bussekailler, because they were originally seamen working aboard an ancient type of boat named Buss.

The “Busses” went as far as deep into the Mediterranean and retrieved treasures like wine, spices, silk and the like for the church and the rich. Some of these sailors; Bussekaillene, was left behind for various reasons and settled in caves from the Bay of Biscay to Scandinavia and became pirates.

Today we have marked a trail to the cave, but sometimes people do not see the entrance even when they stand right in front of it. Feel free to try on your own or join a guided tour and let yourself be seduced by the mystique, the almost forgotten history and the raw air inside Bussekaillstua. You will pass through at your own risk …

The trail begins at Strupen, just west of Storvagbukta and runs along the foot of Storvagfjellet, Jaklafjellet and Dyrafjellet to Botnvagen. 1408 m. This is a nice trip that provides two very different experiences whether you start at the Fjellvaer-side or Nordbotten-side.

Along the trail you get the opportunity to follow marked trails to the top of Storvagfjellet or over Stormyra, (which was the place were people celebrated May 17 in the interwar period and until Nyskolen on Gammelsetra opened in 1956) and to Dammen. The last detour when going from Fjellvaer is the one to Bussekaillstua.


Storvagfjellet is a mountain located on Fjellvaer . Straight up from Storvagbukta it is rising 90 meters above the sea. This has always been a favorite viewpoint for people at Fjellvaer . Today there is a marked path which is used by most . On top you can enjoy a great view of Fjellvaer in the south and Krakvag in the east . Enjoy the magnificent view.


Torvveien starts on Fjellvaer and we follow the road over Kleiva as the first part. Well down on the main road we follow the turn by Fjellvaersvatnet to Seljevika . There we take the trail upward toward Sandtjonna and Dragvatnet, the largest lake on Fjellvaerøya.

Part of the trail follows the cross country skitrail, but where it turns to Gammelsetra, we continue right up to Oren on the north side of the lake. Here you can try your luck with the trout, if you have brought your fishing rod and paid a fishing license.

On the northern side of Dragvatnet we find Hauklivatnet. This is also a nice fishingspot for trout. The trip straight across takes approximately one hour (one way) if you walk without stop. If you would really want to experience nature with bird song, flowers, deer and roe deer, you can the use whole day.

Why not bring a picnic basket and a blanket and try.


Mastadveien is the oldest road on the island. It’s really the old post road that was built so that the postman would come to Nordbotn ease when he rowed from Ansnes . Today, the trail is renovated as a trail for hikers.

The barriers in each end of the trail is there to prevent motorized traffic, so the trip between Mastad and Sorbotn will be the nature experience it´s supposed to be. The trail is ideal for families with children and it is quite nice to bring the stroller there. The trail works well for riding bicycles, as well.

When you are midway between Mastad and Sorbotn and look north toward Korsvatnet, you can see a big boulder rock of conglomerate between Mastadveien and Korsvatnet.

This has probably been there since the ice retreated once long ago. The sea once stood 40 meters above the current water level.


When you walk the trail over Kleiva, you use the old path between Fjellvaer and Gammelsetra . It is part of the old Torvveien which runs across the island from Fjellvaer to Oren. The trail has a very varied nature, where it is situated between arable land, forests, mountains and lakes.